Vacuum ports on a Quadrajet

What is knocking on a small block Chevy? Could be lean fuel mixture or excessive timing causing pinging or pre-ignition. Could be bad bearings on the crankshaft. Could be worn cam or rockers. Could be broken rocker stud. Could be exhaust manifold leak.. If it goes away within a couple minutes of starting, it’s possibly something called “p…iston slap”. That’s when the piston is slightly worn at the bottom resulting in enough space for it to pop back and forth in the cylinder. Once the piston warms up it expands and the piston slap goes away. Another possibility is rod knocking.

Ask Away: How Do You Hook up a Turbo 400 Kickdown? (Hint: It’s Not Like Other 3-Speeds)

The drive shaft will need to be cut three inches. The cross member will need to be moved two or three inches. The passing gear cable bracket on the motor can be reused.

Mar 13,  · Hey does the vaccum line from a th transmission hook to your intake? (At least I think it is called a vacuum line) Do I need to run a hose from the gold looking thing with the green square to the hole on my intake with the red circle? Not a trani guy at all.

TH Posted 23 January – The thing with idle screw – I can make it idle more or less steady at about rpm which is way too high, if I switch into drive TH it goes bang, makes hard to operate the car and its just wrong. Idle at could be doable but then as soon as I select drive it almost stalls and sometimes actually stalls. The idle mixture screws – if I turn them all the way in it will start to sputter so it makes it lean, if I screw back like 5 or 6 turns I did not count really but alot of turns then again it will start to decrease RPMs and obviosuly goes too rich, but anything in the middle seems to make no difference.

Its not like half a turn in one direction or another would make any difference at all. And exactly the same thing was with Edelbrock carb, which I thought is broken.

LS Swap Automatic Transmission Guide

Originally Posted by 70nova v8 If you want you could go to the yard and get a set of motor mounts from a mids 80’s truck and it will bolt right up No they won’t. I had a set and tried them. If you use them with the truck frame mount they will physically bolt the engine in but the motor will set to high and throw off drive shaft angles. Look at the photo I posted.

Apr 08,  · In case you are still uncertain on where to hook up vacuum line: There is usually a port directly behind the carb. on one of the intake runners. If not there is the port on the bottom backside of carb.(usually for power brakes), or on the front of the carb. at or below the throttle blades.

Does it matter if I hook it up at all? Most of the other transmissions used a mechanical linkage or cable to indicate wide-open-throttle WOT. This WOT trigger achieves two things: Above a certain speed, as determined by the governor, the transmission will not downshift from third to second or second to first gear. This is to protect the transmission from damage. Instead of a linkage or cable, the TH uses an electrical switch that is most often mounted on the carburetor.


Find them on Amazon. Supplies needed for a rebuild: Slightly later shifts are popular for when towing or carrying a heavy load, keeping the transmission in the lower gears for a few extra miles per hour. If you get a drop of transmission fluid when you pull the rubber hose off of this left end, the modulator is bad and it is letting trans fluid be sucked up into the intake manifold. This often explains why you needed to add fluid occasionally yet there was no leaking on to the ground.

Aug 27,  · I just instaled a new th Guy at the tranny shop said it needs 16in. of vac to shift properly. my old tranny vacuum line ran to the carb. He said .

The factory flex fuel pump has supported RWHP and the filter has a built in regulator. Same as the Corvette. Used 2 Russell part fittings and a short section of braided stainless line that was all that was required. The S has the male quick connect outlet already, so all you have to do is snap on the Russel fitting.

The new Russell quick connect fitting with the screw cap are a nice alternative to the fittings with the plastic pinch style retainers. An external regulator can also be used in certain applications: Same physical dimensions as the Walbro , however, according to the installation instructions, the polarities are reversed on the Aeromotive pump compared to stock, and Walbro. The Wiring Harness High performance fuel pumps need a good power source in order to perform to their full potential.

On average a Walbro high-performance fuel pump requires twice as much power as a factory fuel pump. Factory wiring is just enough for a factory pumps power requirements because manufacturers need to save cost and weight. The Racetronix plug and play harness is designed to remove all fuel pump load from the factory pump circuits while providing the pump with a new heavy-duty power source.

The Racetronix harness gets its power directly from the alternator’s battery terminal. The Racetronix harness uses high-quality automotive-grade wire which is resistant to oil, gas, heat and rot.

Firebird 400 erratic vacuum and idle

There is vacuum at the mod as I unplugged it whilst running and held a fingertip over the end to check. I went ahead and got the NAPA guys to get me a new redstrip modulator 10 bucks why not since the old one is rather cruddy and already suspect. I’ll install it tomorrow, weather permitting, along with all new rubber line to the carb, just to be safe and sure.

I did go ahead and screw it all the way down until it wouldn’t go any farther, then back a turn, just to see wha hoppen.

Oct 28,  · TH Vacuum hose. What to use? Discussion in ‘The Garage’ started by khotmer, Oct 28, TH Vacume line. What to use? There is manifold vacuum (that you hook it up to), and then ported vacuum which is above the throttle blades.. You must open the throttle blades to get ported vacuum.

You need the low-vac switch so the converter will unlock in low vacuum situations, such as going up hill and heavy throttle. The brake cancel switch unlocks the TCC when the brakes are applied. Trucks that came stock with R4 trannys came with a low-vacuum switch and a brake cancel switch. The stock low-vac switch didn’t let the TCC unlock soon enough with this mod. I checked the vacuum on the stock switch and it kicked in at 3.

The vacuum switch I recommend works real well as it kicks in at 7. The brake cancel switch on R4 equipped trucks also disconnects the cruise control if equipped when the brakes are applied. Are you are doing this mod for one of the reasons I did, to get rid of some of the wiring and vacuum hoses that came on our trucks. This is one of the reasons I did this. The factory installed a couple of different types of pressure switches depending on the application.

After you have drained the fluid and removed the pan, you will also need to remove the filter. The pressure switch is located on the righthand side of the trans. When you install the switch, be careful to not over-tighten it. The next step is to replace the original four-pin connector on the driver side of the trans with a single-pin TH kick-down connector switch PN GM

General Motors Turbo-Hydramatic 350

Originally Posted by rich weyand The vacuum modulator, together with the governor, controls the shift points on the TH transmission. All stock TH s were manufactured the same; their differences in shift characteristics for specific engines and vehicles were set with the governor and modulator. The governor lives behind a cap secured by a bail on the drivers side of the transmission in front of the tail cone. It is a little widget that spins with the output shaft.

There are flyweights and springs on this spinning widget, and when the flyweights overcome the springs and hydraulic pressure, the flyweights push open a rod valve that lives in the center of the governor shaft. Adjusting the governor weights and springs can be done to adjust the wide-open throttle shift points of the transmission.

Th vacuum line together with need diagram of vacuum lines for chevy eng as well as th vacuum diagram moreover repairguidecontent further 4t65e solenoid location furthermore gm turbo transmission cooling lines diagram in addition diagram view in addition 5r55e transmission valve body as well as 5tan6 chevrolet tahoe door 4×4 it idles stall die moreover th wiring.

I am attributing that to my errors with the tape measure in my haste to get mine measured so I could get back into a warm house, and I am simply using the published specs. First up, let’s tackle overall length and case length. Overall length is important for the final driveshaft length and the case length is important for the fitment to the transmission tunnel. This will require shortening the driveshaft by a matching amount, so I know that no matter what I will be paying a visit to the local driveshaft shop, which I would be doing anyway – see the section on Inputs and Output for details on why.

That means the transmission should fit nicely without any major clearance issues. This is all good news and there are no major problems to solve here. Depending on the specific original and donor transmissions, the full length transmission is anywhere from a tad shorter to tad longer, making that part more a less a wash and a change in driveshaft length all but certain. That leaves the location of the transmission mount pad relative to the bellhousing.

This distance is important because of the transmission crossmember that holds up the back of the transmission. Here are some pictures illustrating this. The next five pictures are of the used TH R4 transmission I purchased to use in my swap with the special extension housing explained in the next section – they should give you some idea of the overall size and shape of the transmission.

TH350 vs 4L60E: Comparing the Differences

They made them from through However they were produced in very low volume. This Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe is actually one of only produced.

Oct 29,  · How do you hook up vaccuum lines on a th transmission on a chevy truck with a small block Posted by robbie hodges on Oct 29, Want Answer 0. Any vacuum line connected to the carb or intake manifold will supply vacuum to it. It’s originally a steel line with rubber connector tubes on the ends.

The transmission swap in my ’81 is finally completed. Well I had some bigger hurdles to overcome but the car is running again. The main obstacle was that the R4 does not just bolt in and the only way to make it work was to modify the transmission crossmember. Now the bracket did fit but the area of the speedo gear box did touch the crossmember. It was quite hard to figure out all the dimensions specially with a car on jackstands and me crawling under it. A good welding shop can do the entire job in about 1 hour I guess.

Once the trans was in , I measured the lenght of the driveshaft and had it shortened accordingly. While they were at it, I also had both U-joints replaced. The startup went without problems. Steve from Bowtie Overdrives was very helpfull. This evening I took her to the local gas station to fill her up but on the way back suddenly I got a problem not transmission related. Battery light came on, choke light lit up, RPM dropped to zero, buzzer made noise and dome light came on as well but was able to make it home.

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Hooking up my vacuum line r th, c6, suburbans turbo th, aug 7th, and. Which is basic, the only needed if the vacuum which line connected to hook up rh .

Index Home About Blog Newsgroups: Chevy TH shift points Date: Mon, 04 Apr 94 I have a problem in that the trans. I was going to reply to Jon directly but I thought that the answer might be of general interest so I decided to post it instead. First, I need to ask a qualifying question: If so, then the kit may the cause of your problems. In any case, read on for some ideas.

SBC 350 / TH350 / 3.50:1 ???

Today, we have better and more sophisticated tools to do the job, but it still requires some prior planning if the swap is to go smoothly. As with any other mechanical effort, a little preplanning can make the job much less frustrating. In our case, we were yanking a tired out of our El Camino that was suffering from a chronic case of GCS—Gigantic Cam Syndrome—a muddled combination of an overly long duration cam hampered with low static compression.

Basically, as a parts-chaser and cruiser, the engine was underwhelming and no fun to drive. This left us with a choice. We could pull the engine, change the cam, and do something about the compression or just slide in a brand-new Chevrolet Goodwrench crate engine that had a warranty.

Th vacuum line hook up Replace your new chevelle transmission pressure to connect to 20 in a vac line to a th is usually because there is unhooked. My cousin international dating website reviews dating latinas create.

The easiest way to tell them apart is with their pan shapes. But this photo also illustrates their outward appearance. CHP The password for cool ’90s street performance is Late-model automatic and manual overdrive transmissions are quickly becoming the sweethearts of the street set. Not that long ago, a fast street car meant compromises, including deep gears, high-rpm highway cruising, and poor mileage. But the high-tech ’80s and ’90s have brought us more than just electronic fuel injection.

They also delivered durable automatic overdrive transmissions.

Setting The Transmission Kickdown On TH-350, TH400, And 700R4

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