Tips on Using Sardines as Bait for Fishing

The Jetties, what a place to fish in the summer months. There is one thing that you can count on, fishing the jetties in the summer months, you will catch something. Most of the time the question is, will you get it to the boat, or do you want it in the boat. Here are a few ideas and equipment, that I take with me when fishing the jetties in the summer months. As you all know it is that time of the year to expect a little or a lot of rain almost everyday. To be prepared for this I like to bring a Stearns rain suit or a Stearns poncho.

Livewell Pumps

Wiring diagrams are provided in Chapter 4 of this supplement. To reduce corrosion caused elec- trical problems, keep all electrical connections clean and apply a spray-on pro- tectant that is designed to protect connections from corrosion. Arrow s show current function. M and S Clock M and S The naviga- tion and interior lights supplied with your boat are of top quality, but you should be aware that failure may periodically occur for a variety of reasons: It will provide you with mea- surements of water depth beneath the boat and in many cases it may help you locate schools of fish.

Bait Tank / Live Well How-To These are good and inexpensive, but the only work for bait – not as a live well. The classic kayak bait tank / live well will cost you more money to make or buy, but the return is worth it. The battery is now ready to hook up. 6. The outflow is next. I used a drain screen for this. Cut a hole in the tank at.

Bilge pump installation is straightforward, but it is essential not to overlook key details. Mount the pump You must not place the pump in the bilge unrestrained. If it falls over it will suck air and burn out. Pumps must be fastened down. Brackets are available that attach to a stringer or other vertical feature, or you can epoxy a couple of bolts to the bottom of the bilge to serve as mounting studs. Float switches must also be fastened. Bends and long runs also reduce pump output, so make the hose run as straight and as short as possible.

That may mean discharging the pump through the side of the hull rather than through the transom. Place the discharge above the waterline If the discharge is submerged when the pump runs, the ocean siphons back through the pump into the bilge when the pump shuts off. When enough water has entered to float the switch, the pump will eject it, only to have it siphon back again.

This continues until the battery is depleted, then the water floods the boat until it reaches a level that gets the crew’s attention. The discharge fitting must never go below the waterline. If the fitting is through the transom, be sure it is high enough not to submerge when the stern squats.

How to Live Well in a Custom Van

Now relate that to presenting a live bait to a big fish. The better condition, fresher, and as a consequence, livelier the bait fish is, the more chance there is of it being smashed by a predator. The condition of the live bait before you use it. It has more impact on your live baiting success rate than anything else.

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The base is full of drain holes so when the tankwell is awash with water the Yakmate is getting wet internally. If it rains the Yakmate will take water in along the upper fore and aft edges. Yes, I know, kayak fishing is a water sport, though having dry storage on the kayak is advantageous. It was also rigid as well as being lightweight. I decided to go down this route and purchased the model that seemed best suited to my needs.

Positioned with the lid uppermost and facing forward not as shown above!

Here is an excellent example of a live well that doesn’t cost the earth. It is a 40L bucket with a skin fitting connected to a hose as the outlet. The inlet as seen in the right picture pumps the water into the bucket from the bottom so all the water is oxygenated.

Click on images to view larger Some days when lures are just not working and you can see fish working bait, live bait may be just the ticket. This can make a slow day change into a very productive day. Don’t get me wrong, I love to use artificials, but the live kind can be the right kind. There are a lot of different ways to carry bait. Bait buckets and bait tubes are one way.

You hang them in the water next to your kayak. Frabill and Plano are just a couple of manufacturers that make bait buckets. Here is a Frabill floating bait bucket: The bait tube is a great way to carry live bait.

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By Gary Caputi posted Sep 21st, at 8: The author took this pounder on a rock ridge off Takanasee Beach on the north Jersey coast in July. It was another late-July scorcher.

LIVEWELL CONTROL CENTER HOOK UP DIAGRAM Installation Select a location for mounting the Control Panel, cut a hole /8” x /8” (see sheet 2), secure panel with #8 sheet metal screws. After mounting panel, string wire to battery and pump areas.

This is the time to re-evaluate which livewell pump to install with an eye toward keeping the live bait as healthy as possible. Then you wonder how to fix it quickly. My boat, a center-console, came with a self-priming displacement pump. The centrifugal model made the bait much happier. Also, most centrifugal pumps are quieter, some almost silent when running, which I appreciate during a long day on the water.

Choose the Correct Capacity You want a pump with the capacity to replace the livewell water at least every 10 minutes six times each hour. You also need to account for the drop in pressure as the pump lifts water from the bilge to the livewell. For example, lifting water 40 inches reduces the delivery volume versus no lift by about 30 percent. So if you must raise the water 40 inches from intake to well, a gph pump delivers only about gph.

Both would deliver roughly gph to the livewell with 40 inches of lift. Pick the Right Pump Rule’s Tournament Series with a bronze base is designed to thread tightly on the stem of seacock without cracking.

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The module allows for your livewell to be aerated intermitantly, keeping your fish in perfect condition for as long as you are on the water. This unit comes complete with everything you need to install and operate. When the motor is turned off, and the alternator output is no longer present, the parallel circuit is opened and the troll and crank batteries are isolated for use.

All operations are automatic after installation. Click on image for link to BassPro.

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Installing A Deckwash Pump By Don Casey Sluicing the cockpit with buckets of water after boating a fish is a poor second to hosing it clean. And bringing a builder’s acre of muck aboard when you haul up the anchor is a lot less irritating when you can repatriate it immediately with a powerful water jet. A deckwash pump makes a fine addition to almost any boat, and equipping your boat with one is not difficult. Choosing A Pump Select either a flexible or rigid vane impeller pump or a diaphragm pump.

Centrifugal pumps-like the one in your bilge-can move a lot of water, but they are not very good at lifting it, making them a poor choice for deckwash use. Most marine pump manufacturers offer pumps intended for deckwash use. Kits are also available that include the appropriate pump, a check-valve, a pressure switch, and hose adapters. If you are going to install the pump in an exposed area, choose one that specifies that it is suitable for wet locations. Mounting The Pump Virtually all deckwash pumps have “feet” with holes through their centers for a screw or bolt.

The pump should be securely fastened to some rigid part of the boat, but never install screws directly into the hull.


Suddenly, the surrounding water explodes with the spray of baitfish being savagely attacked by large bluefish and bass. Bass and blues love gorging on these tasty three to four-inch morsels and this can be some of the most exciting action of the year, with the best chance for putting a real trophy in the boat. Using the actual forage base of a predator is always a step in the right direction and there is a certain technique to using live, baby bunker or any live bait for that matter.

This prompted improvements in live well equipment and configuration as well as water conditioners and additives to increase the chance that the fish arrived at the weigh in healthy and “kickin”. So you ask yourself, how does my live well stack up?

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How to Install a Livewell Pump

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