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COM — Tether anchors, a critical part of a vehicle’s Latch system, often go unused by parents and caregivers. In pickup trucks, where the anchors are difficult to locate, that number drops significantly. Five Things Families Should Look for in Pickup Trucks In a study of tether anchor use and misuse conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, it found that parent volunteers with car-seat-installation experience had the most problems correctly using the loop-style tether anchors found in some pickup trucks. These volunteers installed the tether strap correctly only 11 percent of the time in the trucks. In other cars, volunteers used the tether anchor correctly 57 percent of the time. While many may not consider a pickup a family vehicle, the full-size versions make easy work of hauling three kids in car seats. To help truck-owning parents, caregivers and prospective parents, we’ve combed through owner’s manuals and crawled through pickup trucks to show the different styles of tether anchors and how to correctly use them. We limited our fact-finding mission to models with rear seats. Before installing your child’s car seat, read the vehicle’s owner’s manual and the child seat’s owner’s manual to ensure you’re installing it correctly.

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The tailgate and bed were redesigned and featured a debossed Tacoma logo as well as an infused spoiler. New character lines were also observed on the truck as well as an air dam in front of the vehicle — these new features will likely assist in added fuel economy. Under the hood Toyota offers a 2. This engine is offered in both a 6-speed automatic and manual transmissions.

The body is also constructed using ultra-high strength steel that will be integrated using a new hot stamping process that reduces weight.

Capturing renewable energy, every day. The wind and sun of Kittitas County are a tremendous natural resource for producing clean, renewable energy.

Originally Posted by ts Thanks shully for the information and link, still a little bit confused. In your first picture attached , there is a wire hanging out white and red – highlighted by red square that is the PIAA switch power, where did you hook up that line to. Originally Posted by ts – Can I hook this up directly to the battery? Do I need to use a fuse for protection – Can I hook this line for switch power up to a blank fuse spot and use a fuse tap tied into a fuse to power it.

I am using the Tacoma factory fog light switch. The PIAA switch power and the power to the lights are a bit different. I am not sure what your electrical experience is I am assuming you either know a lot and are being conservative in your wiring or vice versa. The PIAA switch itself pulls minimal current.

It is a switch that when powered engages the relay which then sends power to the lights.

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Then hook the air hose up again and bleed the faucets again. This may seem repetitive, but actual is particular all water is blown out without disconnecting a few stuff or .

I am going to do some under hood clean up soon, this is it for now though. The highlighted area needed to be removed I used a file to do some metal cleanup after. Here you can see the right clearance after trimming. Here it is mounted. Next I prepped the dash start by removing the kick panel on the left by removing this plastic nut with your fingers, then pop off the first door sill and the kick panel That will expose the 3 screws you will need to remove 10mm socket works great.

Screw in the 4 threaded studs supplied with the Switch-Pros mounting hardware and then put on the small plastic plate. Next you will install the larger clear backing plate and install the 4 provided screws Ok so next I routed the blue ignition wire into the cab through the firewall in the harness grommet. This is on the drivers side next to the brake master. I just got a metal coat hangar and straightened it out. I also took some of the braided look and heat shrink and covered the wire for protection.

Now for an ignition source, I just got out my multimeter and started poking on plugs of the same gauge wire until I found one. Under the kick panel on the left you will see this plug and there is a lime green wire, I just cut back some of the shielding and tapped into this wire.

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Park in general was pretty neat. RV part was the tightest we have ever had. Site was long, but for sure with our slides out we had at best 12″ on either side between rigs. The water connection is extremely low in the ground. The sewer smell permeates the air throughout the park.

Hey now, I grew up in Tacoma. We’ve got a bad rap, and sure its smelly in the summer, but we’ve got a charm that intoxicates. Once you’ve lived here, you always end up coming back.

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Four months after its opening, on the morning of November 7, , in a wind of about 42 miles 67 km per hour, the 2, foot metre main span, which had already exhibited a marked flexibility, went into a series of torsional oscillations whose amplitude steadily increased until the convolutions tore several suspenders loose, and the span broke up.

An investigation disclosed that the section formed by the roadway and stiffening plate girders rather than web trusses did not absorb the turbulence of wind gusts; at the same time, the narrow two-lane roadway gave the span a high degree of flexibility. This combination made the bridge highly vulnerable to aerodynamic forces, insufficiently understood at the time.

The back row up on the hill has 50 amp, the other sites have 30 amp (although the office person who made our reservation said there was 30 amp only). There were only four 5th wheels in the park which tells us those with 5th wheels probably avoid it.

I wrote a new post about that installation process with more detailed instructions and new after pictures: If you want to buy new, these Pioneer units have a bit of the lighter silver color and have received good reviews: This is the stock stereo I had to work with. The aftermarket dash kit is color matched to the silver around the vents. Step 1 — Rip out climate control, unbolt and remove dash and stereo, unhook everything.

Step 3 — Hookup stereo and test to make sure everything works before putting the whole thing back together. Secondly, the installation instructions for the dash kit were pretty brief, I guess you can consider a diagram and a few unintelligible sentences instructions. At this point I had also drilled a hole in the back of the pocket to feed the cable for the auxiliary input through.

Finish — With everything put back together I actually like the look of the replacement dash kit more than the original bumpy texture. New speakers would be a nice upgrade, but the new head unit really helps the stock speakers come alive.

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Towing and Hauling Toyota Tacoma: How to Hitch a Fifth Wheel Attaching a fifth wheel is relatively easy. It requires first being aware of safety issues and then following a few simple steps. We’ll walk you through the process in this how-to and provide some additional information about towing a fifth wheel. Generally speaking, the size of the later generations of Tacoma trucks only allows them to tow small fifth wheels such as a Scamp.

Order Toyota Tacoma Trailer Wire Connector online today. Free Same Day Store Pickup. Check out free battery charging and engine diagnostic testing while you are in store.

We are still working to obtain content for your car, however the video above is believed to have similar characteristics as your car. Tweet Video Description When the air conditioner in your Toyota Tacoma starts blowing hot air, you likely have a freon leak. Most refrigerants include a leak sealer that will seal small leaks in addition to filling the R a refrigerant. If there is a problem with your compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not restore cooling. How to add freon to your Toyota Tacoma: When your compressor kicks on, add freon to the correct pressure.

In addition to cooling, freon lubricates the compressor when it runs.

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Not able to find what you are looking for? If you have a rear wheel drive vehicle then chances are you have felt the effects of wheel hop as you accelerate hard off the line. Wheel hop is caused by the axles winding up as the tires dig into the ground for traction. Simple to install, these suspension components firmly locate the axle to ensure that the only thing spinning are your wheels on the ground.

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