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By November 25, The prosperity gospel is one of the deadliest heresies today. One of the worst things a pastor can do to make a “quick buck” is to do the following scam. It’s called the tithing scam. Now I don’t condemn Christians who tithe from their net income. Tithing helps the local New Testament church support itself. It may be an Old Testament command but tithing certainly gives a value to expenses like electricity, water and food for the church to survive.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo members mauled a tricycle driver during a fiesta. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a dangerous group. INC do not practice Christian teachings.

ang dating daan tv program – hour web streaming – explore our website for information and resources about the radio-television program, ang dating daan (the old path). the site also provides a non-stop webcast and video archive of the question and answer segment of the program hosted by bro eli soriano and bro. daniel razon.

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After more money and true information of young girls up here are treated to the life from. Ang dating daan cult True still, culr group leader will claim to be no mere man. The Sit translation of N. The Tagalog translation of N. Questioning the time’s word is like going against God himself.

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Kung hindi, ang mga highlight ng pulong ay nai-publish sa isang video kasama ang supplementary nakalimbag impormasyon sa mga bagong website ng tore ng bantay. Una, ang Lupong Tagapamahala mismo ay ngayon upang maisaalang-alang ang tapat at maingat na alipin – sa halip ng lahat ng mga pinahiran ng langis. Pangalawa, ang “mga lingkod ng sambahayan” ay pinaniniwalaan na isama ang mga prospective na mga miyembro ng malaking pulutong. Tinatanggap na, ang dalawang mga pagbabago ay medyo mababaw at marahil ay hindi ginagarantiyahan tunog trumpeta ang sentry ni.

Gayunman, ang Lupong Tagapamahala ay din ipinahayag na ang appointment ng alipin sa lahat ng mga ari-arian ng mayari ng hindi pa nangyayari pa.

Jul 31,  · Members of Ang Dating Daan (“The Old Path,” hereon referred to as ADD) call Eliseo Soriano (their presiding minister) “the only sensible, honest and straightforward evangelist today”.[1] They claim that his famous broadcast is “the only religious program which heightened the religious awareness of many people.”[2] and that half a million people already converted to their faith.

Thus, there is a need to discern whether the ADD is of God or not. To meaningfully engage with the ADD, this paper will look into the birth of the group and its core beliefs. Soriano joined that group when he was 17 years old. Though Soriano was an honor student, he failed to finish high school because he got into an argument with a teacher regarding religious issues three months before graduation. He then turned his attention to the Bible. Immediately after his baptism in , Soriano joined the ministerial class and since then rose from the ranks.

Perez groomed him to be his successor. The group had split into three groups.

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Sa Help, maglalatag ka ng apologetics mo na tutunggali sa sinasabi ng kausap mo. Sa Heal, ipapahayag mo sa kanya ang idol na naki-create ng objection niya at kung paano ito tinutuwid ng salita ng Diyos. At panghuli sa Honor, magkakaroon kayo ng simpleng pag aaral nung verse na kakabasa pa lang ninyo in the hope that your conversation produced new beliefs sa kausap mo. Sa unang pandinig tila baga napaka complicated pero dahil parang naka automate siya, all you have to do is ride along the process.

What is important now at this point is how to begin. Sa apologetics you will face doubts — doubts of your own and of other people.

Dec 06,  · An Appeal from the Bereans about the Iglesia ni Cristo An Iglesia ni Manalo chapen in Zamboanga. INC is founded by Felix Manalo in CFD/B.A. DIOCESE OF DIPOLOG CATHOLIC APOLOGETICS RADIO PROGRAM OF RMN DXDR DIPOLOG AM BAND NAMED “ANG LANOG SA KAMATUORA 2 weeks ago Ang Dating Daan (10) Angelo Manalo (6) Anglican.

Perez along with Teofila Ora left the I. It did not took long for the two former leaders of I. They believed that women as leaders in church are not biblically supported. It was reported that in , Soriano and his allies were excommunicated by Gugulan. Method of Evangelization He spreads his teachings through the radio waves and lately used the television and internet facilities. He is fond of vehemently opposing various religious groups by attacking their non-essential doctrines like tithing and church appellations, as well as, personalities of a number of religious leaders.

One effective methodology of Soriano in captivating many gullible individuals into his fold by means of philosophical debates where he normally sets it up in their home turf i. It can be observed that majority of the live audiences are from the Ang Dating Daan group capable of yelling instead of listening intently to what the opponent speaker is saying. Soriano on the other hand is a skilled heckler who tends to annoy and harass his opponent. A Christian apologist needs to be wary with every statement he utters because Soriano has a reputation of focusing on minor word details propelling him to neglect the whole subject of the debate.

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Before long, many of the Old World views of prophetic interpretation crossed the Atlantic and penetrated American theological circles. Unfortunately, he did not consult capable Bible scholars. In he announced he had discovered the time for Christ Second Coming. He declared confidently that it would take place in

The prosperity gospel is one of the deadliest heresies today. One of the worst things a pastor can do to make a “quick buck” is to do the following scam.

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Converts Stories “The Christianity of history is not Protestantism. If ever there were a safe truth it is this, and Protestantism has ever felt it so; to be deep in history is to cease to be a Protestant. Antioch was also where the term “Christian” was first used. You will hear an INC speaker teach that Constantine led many bishops during that time to embrace the doctrine of Christ’s divinity.

This kind of twisted facts is no longer new because even the Jehovah’s Witnesses have also their own version of the story about the Council of Nicea in AD Now, you need to understand that Constantine was not a theologian therefore he is in no position to influence the hundreds of bishops that visited his place.

Eli soriano e a faceta do debate – Eli soriano e a faceta do debate -.

March 24, at 7: Bro eli preaches only what is written in the bible, nothing more, nothing less. There is no real need to put the doctrine in writing because aside from the fact that there are videos made to provide consistency, the doctrine taught by brother eli is biblical. You want written proof? Read it thoroughly, not just the verses that seem favorable to you. You may seem smart enough to know about certain proper methods of bible interpretations, but if you are not guided by God Himself, you would not be able to understand the words of God, no matter how effective you are at following the methods you mentioned.

People keep saying negative things about brother eli, but have they really looked at the results of his preaching? Addicts, drunkards, and gamblers are turning away from their vices and serving God through good works and righteous lifestyles.

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The Messianic King will then banish all human governments, and cleanse the Earth with all the deceptions, corruption, and impurities produced by the present world’s corrupt systems. By this 2 strong opposite forces God the Father can determine who are qualified to meet Christ in the air and live forever, and who are those to die, or remain on Earth for great sufferings and judgment!

Be very careful and wise enough to choose and receive the right Kabbalah, while you still have the time and opportunity! As the time goes nearer and closer to the actual Day and Hour of Christ’s return, the two 2 powerful opposite Spiritual Forces will become stronger and stronger, increasing in their intensities. The two 2 opposing Forces are the following: These two Kabbalahs are the two powerful opposing forces that shape and determine the World and Heavenly events, and the spiritual qualities of people on Earth.

The Bereans Research Forum knows that. Their apologists are cowering and hiding their identity when challenged by Catholic Faith Defenders and of Defensores Fidei Foundation apologists.

Eli Soriano Facebook Bro. The Official Facebook page of Bro. Only a Messenger of God like Bro. Eli Soriano can determine that. Rey Entila na pagulungin si Eli Soriano sa debate at sisiw lang sa kanya ang mga ataki ni Eli Eli in the Congregation he leads,

Ang dating daan cult

Although in the first seventy years after Protestant Christianity reached these islands in only 5, churches were established, in the last twenty-five years a further 22, have begun. While the average size of a church in Manila is about , a number of mega-churches have sprung up with congregations numbering in the thousands. Here are some mega-churches that also have its other congregation worldwide: In , it had 6 million members in 10, local congregations in 44 countries.

Luis Pantoja passed away in due to massive heart attack. BOL is slightly different from all Christian churches in the country, because the leaders of the church teaches not only on spiritual needs and Heaven’s promise, but also they teach intelligence, moral, physical, excellence, nation building and love for country.

Apr 28,  · Bereans: Iglesia Ni Cristo () cult sa kapilya ang mga recruits then dun nila ginagawa yung brainswashing sa mga converts at pagkapos magiging malala ang dating kalagayan ng yaon at ngayon nga maanghang na mga salita di tulad nung dati na di pa sila kaanib sa iglesia ni ako kilala na mga iglesia nila kristo dito sa.

While claiming to be an expositor of the Scriptures with his “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano” or “Ask Soriano” In English, this religious group actually isn’t Christian as some of the ignorant would want to believe. Though the group claims the Bible is their only authority as some cults do but the problem is that they believe only Eli Soriano may interpret the Scriptures. This is utter heresy! Not even a great man in the Scriptures, Charles Spurgeon ever made such a preposterous claim! This is no better than the “true church” movement by Darwin Fish which is exposed by Pastor Phil Johnson as a heretical movement.

In fact, I’m not going to waste my time debating with ADD members, they are a total waste of my time as every other debate. In fact, his doctrine is all about only he can interpret the Scriptures and it is no different from the Catholic institution which he criticizes as false to have the interpretation of Scriptures left only to church authorities rather than encourage Bible study.

While claiming to be an expository preacher, however he is full of bad hermeneutics or Scriptural interpretation. Just to show how faulty his interpretation with Scripture is, here’s what he says about Galatians 5: They teach that obedience to the commandments is not necessary for salvation, followed by a blatant misconception that if you are of Christ whatever happens and whatever you may do, even to the extent of sinning grave sins, will not affect your salvation!

All these misinterpretations and misconceptions sum up to a satanic process of producing children of hell! While I’m aware some Southern Baptist unions or even some Independent Fundamental Baptist unions have started tolerating false conversions, however historic Bible preaching has not tolerated Antinomianism nor ecumenism. You might consider listening to this clip by Pastor Paul Washer who has been speaking against tolerance of false conversions.

I know some people claim to be Baptists, got baptized there but in truth such people were false converts.


They left and established their own church called Iglesia Verdadero de Cristo Spanish title meaning True Church of Christ and was registered in the Bureau of trade and Commerce. Church of God in Christ Jesus. That same year, Nicholas Perez became a member and preacher of this group after he was expelled from the Iglesia ni Cristo for allegedly baptizing several people on Mabacao River, located at Maragondon, Cavite.

The Members Church of God International is a group of members of a christian denomintaion with headquarters in the Philippines. Commonly known by their TV show Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path), they have millions members and has thousands of locales worldwide.

You will have to respond to an activation link that will be sent to the address you enter in order to complete your registration and receive your Free Gifts. Maaaring akong mag-unsubscribe anumang oras. Handa ka na ba para dito? Right click and Save Target As Ang USA at ang kapapahan ay nagnanais nito Ang paglabas nito ay bibihag sa sandaigdig Hinulaan taon nang nakalipas Papaano maka-iwas na mabiktima nito Sinimulan ni Pope John Paul II ang bagong taon na may panawagan para sa Sapagkat ang mga tao sa sanlibutan ay kailangang maging handa, hatid namin ang mensaheng ito sa maraming bansa, na kapalit ng malaking gastos at sakripisyo.

Sa mga mangangahas na patuloy na basahin, ang Huling Pag-asa ng Sandaigdig ay maaaring magtunog kalokohan, kundi’y walang-ingat, sapagkat ika’y karaniwang umaasa para sa katahimikan at katiwasayan ng sanlibutan, at tiyak na hindi ang krisis pang-daigdig na tumataklob sa mundo at tumatapos dito. Sinubok namin na makita ang iyong mga sagot at mga katanungan at sisimulan ang lakbay na ito papunta sa hinaharap sa pamamagitan ng pag-sagot ng ilan sa mga katanungan mo habang ibinabahagi namin sa iyo ang dahilan kung bakit hinaharap ng mundong ito ang kanyang huling pag-asa!

Ang Biblia bilang Gabay 1. Sino ang mga taong nasa likod ng lathalang ito? Kami ay kabilang sa isang maliit na pangkat na kalat sa buong mundo na kumikilala sa Biblia bilang tanging patakaran. Matapos ang paggugol ng maraming oras sa pag-aaral nito, lalo na sa mga kapitulong tumutukoy sa ating hinaharap, natanto namin na kailangang ibahagi namin sa iyo ang aming natutunan.

Ang kaalamang ito ay napaka-halaga na handa kaming tiisin ang hirap at sakripisyo, kahit na ang buhay mismo, upang maibahagi sa iyo ito.

Ang Dating Daan Worldwide Bible Exposition December 1, 2017

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