F-15 crashes into Sea off Japan in latest accident involving US forces in Okinawa

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The Jigokudani Monkey Park offers visitors the unique experience of seeing wild monkeys bathing in a natural hot park is inhabited by Japanese Macaques, which are also known as .

It is becoming commonplace on Remembrance or Veterans’ Day, 11th of November, for peace activists and others with political or ideological agenda to write to newspapers demanding that Americans, British and Australians also remember the civilian victims of alleged British and American “atrocities” in WW II. In the case of the British, reference is usually made to the bombing of German cities, and in particular, Dresden.

Adolf Hitler’s sustained terror bombing campaign against the civilian populations of London and other British cities appears to be conveniently ignored. In the case of Americans, reference is usually made to the atomic bombing of Japan in August , and it is sometimes suggested that Japan was selected as a target for the atomic bomb only because the Japanese are Asian.

In other words, it is suggested that Western racism was involved. As the Pacific War Historical Society is concerned primarily with events of the Pacific War , comments on this issue will be restricted to some of the considerations that actually exercised the minds of those who decided that the atomic bomb should be used against Japan. On 6 August , an atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima, and the characteristic mushroom-shaped cloud can be seen in this photograph rising over the devastated Japanese city.

At this time, Hiroshima was the headquarters of Japan’s 2nd General Army. Do young people need to be told why America used the atomic bomb on Japan? Is it necessary to acquaint young people in Western countries with the true reasons behind the atomic bombing of Japan? I believe it is for at least two reasons. The atomic bombing of Japan in appears to be increasingly discussed in many schools as part of that vague subject called either “Social Studies”or “Study of Society and Environment”.

The real reasons for using the atomic bomb against Japan often appear to be ignored and this can lead to an unfair judgment being passed against the United States. The second reason is the continuing refusal of successive governments in Japan to disclose to Japanese children the full extent of Japan’s war guilt and the appalling atrocities committed by the Japanese military in China and during the Pacific War

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This is primarily manifest in a hefty supply of castle ruins, which are at least years older than their mainland Japan counterparts. At one point, Okinawa was the site of more than castles, dating to the 15th century, when the area was known as the Ryukyu Kingdom. Others have been neglected for so long that time and erosion have left only a few blocks of once magnificent structures. Hideo Inoue, retired professor at the Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, most of the castles were closed or destroyed about years ago.

Shuri Castle is the top remaining testament to the Ryukyu Dynasty. At least a few hours are needed to tour the magnificent site and surrounding shrines.

Japan is widely regarded as ethnically homogeneous, and does not compile ethnicity or race statistics for Japanese nationals; sources varies regarding such claim, with at least one analysis describing Japan as a multiethnic society while another analysis put the number of Japanese nationals of recent foreign descent to be minimal.

There were no reports of injuries from the incident, which occurred at around Marine Corps air base involved in a contentious relocation plan. The nursery school is located about meters from the base. Local officials were seeking to identify the object. According to the nursery school, about 50 children were playing on its grounds while eight toddlers and two caregivers were inside the building when they heard a loud noise. The latest case adds to existing concerns of local residents over safety.

In mid-October, the U.

Beneath the Battle of Okinawa

Email Bio Follow November 23, Jackie sat in the glow of a bare red light bulb, staring out into the night along Whisper Alley. She wore a skimpy black vest fitted with two blinking red buttons that covered her otherwise exposed breasts. Her tiny room was empty except for a poster of James Dean and, of course, her sagging bed. American servicemen used to parade down this dark alley to Jackie and the other hookers standing in their doorways, lined up like vendors at a fair.

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Frank Joseph is editor of The Ancient American Magazine In March , a sport diver unintentionally strayed beyond the standard safety perimeter near the south shore of Okinawa. A battleground for the last land campaign of World War II, the island was about to become the scene of another kind of drama. As he glided through unvisited depths some forty feet beneath the clear blue Pacific, the diver was suddenly confronted by what appeared to be a great stone building heavily encrusted with coral.

Approaching closer, he could see that the colossal structure was black and gaunt, a sunken arrangement of monolithic blocks, their original configuration obscured by the organic accretion of time. After encircling the anonymous monument several times and taking several photographs of it, he rose to the surface, reoriented himself and kicked for shore. Next day, photographs of his find appeared in Japan’s largest newspapers.

The structure sparked instant controversy and attracted crowds of diving archaeologists, news media people and curious nonprofessionals, none of whom were able to ascertain its identity. They could not even agree if it was manmade, let alone ancient or modern. Was it the remnant of some forgotten military coastal defense from the war?

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That is, Karate is perfected only when both the mental and the technical physical are completed together. In Japanese, Karate-do means ’empty hand path’. This ‘Path’ or ‘Way’ as in ‘Do’ which is the Japanese pronunciation of the word ‘Tao’ is a spiritual journey of self discovery, not to be confused with Taoism. In Karate, it represents the journey of mental and physical development through which each student must travel.

Nine human remains were recovered from Shiraho-Saonetabaru Cave on Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan, between and Six of the nine samples produced well-preserved biogenic.

Okinawa was the Japanese word identifying the islands, first seen in the biography of Jianzhen , written in Also during this period, many Gusukus , similar to castles, were constructed. The Ryukyu Kingdom entered into the Imperial Chinese tributary system under the Ming dynasty beginning in the 15th century, which established economic relations between the two nations. In , the Shimazu clan , which controlled the region that is now Kagoshima Prefecture , invaded the Ryukyu Kingdom. The Ryukyu Kingdom was obliged to agree to form a suzerain-vassal relationship with the Satsuma and the Tokugawa shogunate , while maintaining its previous role within the Chinese tributary system; Ryukyuan sovereignty was maintained since complete annexation would have created a conflict with China.

The Satsuma clan earned considerable profits from trade with China during a period in which foreign trade was heavily restricted by the shogunate. A Ryukyuan embassy in Edo. Although Satsuma maintained strong influence over the islands, the Ryukyu Kingdom maintained a considerable degree of domestic political freedom for over two hundred years.

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Order or download our brochure Explore our latest brochure for Japan holiday inspiration Order a printed version Okinawa Island Okinawa is the head of the island chain of the same name, and is situated nearly km south of “mainland” Japan. Fascinatingly, Okinawa was once the centre of the Ryukyu Kingdom: The Ocean Expo Park showcases so much of Okinawa’s unique plant and wildlife, from whale sharks to intricate rare orchids!

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Air Force clerks on Okinawa. Whereas they would dress up in their finest threads and make for the clubs of Koza in their free time, Davenport would don the oldest clothes he owned and jump on a local bus heading into the middle of nowhere. Needless to say, word soon spread that there was something different about Davenport — something that was possibly a little peculiar.

But if his colleagues had known more about his background, they might not have considered his behavior so strange after all. Born in South Carolina in , he grew up immersed in history. At his doorstep lay Fort Sumter, the flash point that ignited the American Civil War in April , when Confederate forces fired on its Union garrison.

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The park is inhabited by Japanese Macaques, which are also known as Snow Monkeys. It is located in the monkey’s natural habitat, in the forests of the Jigokudani valley in Yamanouchi , not far from the onsen towns of Shibu and Yudanaka. The park has one man-made pool around which the monkeys gather, located a few minutes’ walk from the park entrance.

Visitors will likely already encounter monkeys along the path to the pool. The monkeys live in large social groups, and it can be quite entertaining to watch their interactions. Accustomed to humans, the monkeys can be observed from very close and almost completely ignore their human guests. Naturally, it is prohibited to touch or feed the monkeys.


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