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It’s the s – and Ella is bright, articulate and good at her job. Yet she is a woman working in a man’s world. Constantly undermined by her lecherous boss Peter and fending off his unwanted attentions and cruel putdowns, Ella battles daily in this chauvinist world.

Misha M McPherson, Alexandra S Liou, Gregory L Hume, Mary B Hume, Robert A Kirkpatrick, Amy E Lomax, Anna M Lomax, Harvard L Lomax Jr, Harvard L Lomax, Kristin A Lyles, Paul D Lyles, Sheri M Compton, Stephanie Lynn Lomax Canfiled, Thomas A McDonald, Thomas W Olick.

After their marriage in , they worked together for Quakerism and for the American Friends Service Committee until his death in From to , Douglas Steere was professor of philosophy at Haverford College. From to , Douglas Steere served as visiting professor of theology at Union Theological Seminary. The Steeres’ involvement with the Society of Friends included memberships, travels, and hands-on work throughout their professional lives.

Soon after the war ended, Douglas Steere? While continuing their work in these regions, Douglas Steere served as Chairman of the Friends World Committee for Consultation, arranging meetings with international theologians from to , especially in Japan and India, in order to explore ecumenism and encourage communication. Her first contribution to this organization was as a work camp leader in , and in she served on the American Friends Service Personnel Committee. Steere noted that her special interest in the committee was in?

This commitment to all peoples can be seen in her involvement with Civil Rights during the s and s. He was the developer of the Finnish Settlement Movement in ; a member of the Pendle Hill Board from to ; and chairman of the Board. In he gave the Haverford College commencement speech. Douglas Steere authored many books including Prayer and Worship, ; Time to Spare, ; a translation of Kierkegaard?

In addition, he authored many pamphlets as well as introductions to and chapters in books. The Steeres coauthored Friends Work in Africa which was published in

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She appeared on the show in and was a major character during the first season. However, she only appeared a few times during the second season and later announced through her Twitter that she was done with The City forever. As a model, Allie has appeared in music videos like No Promises. A post shared by Allie crandell alliekcrandell on Nov 21, at 1:

Ian MacNeill is an arts journalist with a special interest in bringing neglected areas to light. His last book was Sweet Horizons: A History of the Solomon Islands ().

She reunited with her friend Erin Lucas and love interest Jay Lyon , and befriended co-worker Olivia Palermo against her companions’ advice. Port also began dating friend Freddie Fackelmayer, but was dismayed to learn that he had a girlfriend. Melissa Camacho of Common Sense Media criticized the program for featuring a near-identical plotline to its predecessor The Hills , where Lauren Conrad was similarly shown to pursue a career in the fashion industry while addressing difficulties among her friends.

The City was often criticized for appearing to fabricate much of its storyline. She added that she was"super friendly” with Port at work, whereas the series depicted a more strained relationship. The extension premiered on September 29, , [12] where it was moved to the Tuesday night timeslot, and concluded on December 1, Both programs held the Tuesday evening timeslot; both concluded after twelve episodes on July 13, All episodes are approximately thirty minutes, and were broadcast in standard definition.

The series’ episodes are also available for download at the iTunes Store. Each product includes all episodes of the respective season, in addition to deleted scenes and interviews of series personnel. A Black and White Affair”. Retrieved May 16, The New York Times. The New York Times Company.

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In general one may observe that in all of the types we find four positions – in fact in the basic types, these four positions map perfectly onto four syllables. But not all verses have a direct equivalence between the four positions and four syllables: A phenomenon similar to extrametricality is anacrusis called Auftakt by German metrists. Anacrusis consists of one or two extrametrical weak syllables preceding an initial falling foot in an on-verse i.

An example of anacrusis with two weak syllables:

Pioneers can lock up a share of NEC title with win over Duquesne.

To view this media, you will require Adobe Flash 9 or higher and must have Javascript enabled. Our talk today is divided into two segments. When people think of medieval warfare, the first image they conjure up is of a knight in shining armour, mounted on his steed, his surcoat and banner emblazoned with his heraldic arms. But what was medieval warfare like in reality?

The history of the medieval army is very different from that of the more modern military forces. There was no permanent or standing army, nor were there any regiments. Pitched battles were in fact relatively rare and famous engagements such as Falkirk and Bannockburn were the exception rather than the norm.

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James Brickwood Sue Thompson accompanies Steve Page to Marks Park on the headland that separates Bondi and Tamarama, where the former colleagues give Good Weekend a tour of this one-time killing field. In the s and ’90s it was widely known as a gay beat where men met in the bushes and the honeycomb caverns surrounding the coastal walkway. We stand at a cliff-top lookout on Mackenzies Point, with views north to Bondi Beach and south to Tamarama.

Page points towards Bondi, to a lower cliff edge. As he and the friendly stranger chatted, three teenagers approached. Brothers David and Sean McAuliffe and Matthew Davis had set out from Redfern, after a session of booze and bongs, with a plan to “roll a poof”. Sean McAuliffe came with a claw hammer. They beat the other man unconscious and battered Kritchikorn. In his bid to flee, Davis would say, Kritchikorn stumbled backwards over the cliff.

The Tamarama Three would be sentenced to 20 years for his murder but have been found guilty of no other gay-hate crime. We stroll for less than two minutes towards Tamarama. Page points to a rock shelf.

The Diverse Nature of Elves in Norse Myth: Beings of Light or Darkness?

Fossil fuel combustion may produce mixtures of carbon dioxide and sulfur gases, and the geochemical effects of sulfur—CO2 cosequestration are poorly understood. This study examines sulfur mineralization from a core drilled in a stacked sequence of natural CO2 reservoirs near the town of Green River, Utah. These reservoirs include the Entrada and Navajo Sandstone, which are separated by the Carmel Formation caprock and transected by a system of CO2-degassing normal faults, through which saline CO2-charged brines discharge.

Our objective in this study is to evaluate the mechanisms and timing of secondary mineral formation, particularly gypsum formation, in the CO2 reservoirs and intervening caprock. The Carmel Formation contains beds of gypsum within a fault zone. Secondary veins of gypsum exist throughout the Entrada Sandstone and Carmel Formation.

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Despite its dramatic nature, this transition has occurred repeatedly among closely related species especially in squamate reptiles , making it an excellent system for studying macroevolutionary transformations in body plan. In this paper, we examine the evolution of body form in the lizard family Anguidae, a clade in which multiple independent losses of limbs have occurred.

We combine a molecular phylogeny for 27 species, our morphometric data, and phylogenetic comparative methods to provide the first statistical phylogenetic tests of several long-standing hypotheses for the evolution of snakelike body form. Our results confirm the hypothesized relationships between body elongation and limb reduction and between limb reduction and digit reduction.

However, we find no support for the hypothesized sequence going from body elongation to limb reduction to digit loss, and we show that a burrowing lifestyle is not a necessary correlate of limb loss. We also show that similar degrees of overall body elongation are achieved in two different ways in anguids, that these different modes of elongation are associated with different habitat preferences, and that this dichotomy in body plan and ecology is widespread in limb-reduced squamates.

Finally, a recent developmental study has proposed that the transition from lizardlike to snakelike body form involves changes in the expression domains of midbody Hox genes, changes that would link elongation and limb loss and might cause sudden transformations in body form.

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Thus it is not without merit to postulate that the dark elves themselves are merely dwarves—longstanding enemies of the elves—improperly renamed due to Christian misunderstandings. The aforementioned Snorri Sturluson is most often mentioned, as he was among the first authors who took the oral histories i. However, because of the second, third, and fourth-hand nature of the retellings of legends discussing elves and other aspects of Norse beliefs, and the fact that Snorri was trying to understand a pagan world through Christian eyes, much of the accuracy of his work is debatable.

Nonetheless, Snorri’s work continues to be respected, because the Icelanders were converted to Christianity later than other cultures, and it is believed that the original pagan beliefs prevailed longer, allowing for a shorter time gap between the oral and written traditions.

documents relating to the qualifications of person(s) selected to fulfill Headquarters TDY’s dating back to ; including but not limited to: resumes, request memorandums, and any other criteria utilized to determine qualifications of personnel selected to fill available positions.

To view this media, you will require Adobe Flash 9 or higher and must have Javascript enabled. But what was the situation before , and what practical impact did the Act have on popular practice? First, the universality of formal marriage increases the likelihood that a record of an ancestors marriage will exist somewhere. Second, parish-level studies provide us with a clearer idea of where one may need to look for a marriage; and, thirdly, success or failure in tracing a marriage can be set within the context of the marriage law and practice of the time.

I was actually in my early teens when my father decided that he was going to start researching our family tree, so we spent many happy afternoons in Warwickshire records office, patiently reading through parish registers. Conveniently, if somewhat disappointingly for a teenager hoping for some exciting, scandalous ancestors, all our ancestors proved very easy to find. Each generation had married in the parish church, and it was just a matter of going back a generation, and finding them there.

When I later came to read accounts of marriage law and practice in the 18th century, this conformity seemed all the more surprising. One historian even went so far as to claim that half the population married in a simple folk ceremony, before Now, were this true, those tracing their family tree might well despair of finding their ancestors in the parish registers, or, alternatively, assume a particular virtue on the part of those they did find. To give just one example, Lawrence Stone suggests that perhaps not more than half of the population were being were being married strictly in accordance with the canon law that governed marriage before Stephen Parker, relying on that source, claims that half of all marriages were informal.

Now each of these different types of sources has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of baptism records is simply that there are so many of them to choose from.

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